SMF4Mobile is a theme made specifically for SMF with the aim of enhancing your forum's users' experience on modern smart phones and tablets. The theme aims at providing a minimalistic and functional experience without loosing any worthwhile feature. Each page and template of the forum is carefully re-designed and moulded to work the best on small screen devices, devices on which your average theme proves to be a frustrating experience. Only those features are retained which an average user would need on their phones, hence removing excessive clutter.

Some of the highlights of the theme are:

  • Designed exclusively for SMF 2.0, the theme isn't a port from another package or platform, it's freshly made from the ground up.
  • It's just a theme! Requires no special software on your user's devices, you just have to install the theme on your forum like any other SMF theme and it'll work straight away!
  • Every template individually assessed and simplified to ensure the best overall mobile experience.
  • Works with a wide variety of mobile devices and platforms (see Detailed Overview to know which)
  • The full site's experience isn't hindered, SMF4Mobile just adds a new "mobile mode" to provide users with an easy to use interface when browsing via their phones, tablets etc. Your existing desktop site remains intact with the themes and modifications for those browsing with their PCs. The user can also freely jump back and forth between the "mobile mode" and your desktop site regardless of the platform
  • Automatically detects and switches to the mobile theme if the user is browsing from a mobile or tablet device  (Requires installation of an additional modification. The mod is included with the purchase of this theme)
  • Simple setup, one click install and go, no configuration required.

You can see the theme in action right in the forums linked above. Visit the forums on your mobile to see the theme or click here if you wish to try it out on your desktop.